What is a PPG (Patient Group) ?

A Patient Participation Group allows patients to be involved in looking at the service our Practice group provides.

We welcome patients to join by email or website link as we can easily hear from a more varied cross section of our patients this way.

We will then contact you by email when we have news of any changes that might be coming up at the practice, or anything that requires patient consultation (such as GP survey results, new leaflets and practice changes etc.) 

We also hold PPG meetings to discuss any upcoming important changes such as the recent merger and to hear feedback and ideas that could improve the way our practice works.

If you are interested in becoming a PPG member, you can apply using the link below or email: VHGPPG@mail.com

Virtual Group

We are looking to develop a “Virtual Group” to enable us to access the views of a wider cross section of the patient population. We are aware that not everyone wants to attend meetings, but some would like to be involved in having a say. The virtual group will be contacted by Email, post, or telephone and asked to fill in questionnaires and reports, and give opinions and comments. They would not receive agendas and reports relating to meetings. Responses provided would be anonymous and confidential.

Virtual Group members will not be given confidential patient information and personal details provided by patients joining will not be divulged to anyone outside the PPG, in line with the confidentiality terms within the full PPG terms of reference.


The group will not be involved with patient complaints, which should be referred to the Village Health Group via the complaint procedure.

It is important to note that the PPG is not a forum for complaints.

Should you wish to make a complaint or suggestion to the practice, please use the usual channels found at the bottom of the webpage.